Clean Energy Technologies

Clean Energy Technologies

Hydrogen is the ultimate energy carrier. It has the highest energy density of all fuels. It can be readily produced from water and its combustion in a fuel cell or in an engine leads to its own feedstock, i.e. pure water. However, to date the use of hydrogen is limited by the lack of technologies to enable its storage with high density.

In our group we are developing advanced materials to this aim and the associated technologies of fuel cell and water electrolysis to enable the full penetration of hydrogen in the energy sector. Our expertise not only lies in fundamental research but also the translation of our findings in hydrogen based prototypes. Accordingly, we are offering a range of projects along:

  • Fundamental research to fast track the development of advanced hydrogen storage materials based on complex hydrides including borohydrides and aluminium hydrides;
  • Fundamental research in the development of advanced catalytic materials and membranes to decrease the cost of fuel cell;
  • Fundamental research in the development of advanced electrode materials for water splitting for the production of hydrogen;
  • Applied research in the development advanced hydrogen canisters for effective heat management and recovery, novel fuel cell architectures, and advanced hydrogen catalytic combustion methods;
  • Applied research in the development and optimisation of hydrogen based prototypes of industrial scale but also for consumer goods (e.g. portable electronic, bicycles, etc.);
  • Applied research in the development of effective electronic interfaces for the integration of electrolysers, hydrogen storage canister and fuel cells

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